Jewellery Care

Your Liona Lee Designs jewellery is delicate. For this reason, all jewellery needs the following care:

• Do not allow any parts of jewellery to come in contact with water.

• As chains and rings are silver plated metals, some discolouration may occur over time with wear. I unfortunately cannot accept responsibility for metal discolouration.

• All Liona Lee Designs jewellery is best stored in a jewellery box or container to protect from dust. All Liona Lee Designs necklaces come packaged in a little box.

• If fabric comes into contact with dirt, it is best wiped gently with a clean dry cloth first, or dabbed gently with a wet wipe for more stubborn stains.

• Your fabric earrings need to be handled with care. To ensure the longevity of your earrings, hold down the pad of earring post when removing the back of your earrings. This helps prevent weakening of the glue and back of the fabric button.

• Liona Lee Designs jewellery is not intended for use by children under 4 years of age. Please leave your jewellery out of reach of children. 


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