Luxe Club

Do you:

  • LOVE Liona Lee Designs?
  • WANT to be rewarded for being a loyal Liona Lee Designs customer?

Then you NEED to be in the Liona Lee Designs Luxe Club!

What is the Luxe Club? 

The Luxe Club is a rewards program for Liona Lee Designs most loyal customers!

Imagine being rewarded for buying Liona Lee Designs jewellery, or just for having a birthday! With the Luxe Club, you earn valuable Luxe Dollars that can be redeemed as cash and taken off your purchases!

How do I earn Luxe Dollars? How many will I earn? 


  • Create a Liona Lee Designs online store account and you will be rewarded with 200 Luxe Dollars! 
  • Online purchases will earn you 1 Luxe Dollar for every $1 spent. 
  • Register your date of birth and you will receive 100 Luxe Dollars on your birthday!
  • Follow Liona Lee Designs on Instagram to receive 100 Luxe Dollars!
  • Like Liona Lee Designs on Facebook to receive 100 Luxe Dollars!
  • Share the Liona Lee Designs Facebook page to receive 50 Luxe Dollars!

500 Luxe Dollars = $5 discount

1000 Luxe Dollars = $10 discount

2500 Luxe Dollars = $25 discount

    What can I spend my points on?

    Anything in the online store! Had your eye on a pair of statement Fabric Tassel Earrings? What about that Daydreamer Necklace you've been lusting over? Earn Luxe Dollars and you can treat yourself - just for being a valued Liona Lee Designs customer!

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